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Who are the Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN)?

We are a local charity run by volunteers who support the Hunts Community Cancer Nursing Service to enable and empower people with a cancer diagnosis to take back their lives either recovering from or living with cancer.

HCCN comprises of the Hunts Community Cancer nursing team, St Ives Adult Education, the HCCN Charity and volunteers. We are keen to engage with the local business community and the people of Huntingdonshire. To this end we have affiliations with House of Flags and Huntingdon Tesco, thus far.

Working together our aim is to help people who are recovering from or living with cancer in the Hunts area to take back their lives and to play an active part in managing their health.

We do this by delivering a home based nursing service plus educational conferences where we share current research on diet, exercise and emotional well-being demonstrating how changed habits can improve health. We then support people as they adopt those new habits by offering opportunities which bring people together encouraging them to experience our Get Active Programme which includes all types of exercise, our yoga programme, and various evidence based activities designed to offer emotional support.

Our mission is to encourage a more objective view of cancer and to help people understand the trajectory of cancer is ever changing and that increasingly cancer can be lived with in the same way as other long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes & asthma, particularly when individuals are actively involved in managing their health

Phone: 01480 416410
Address: Woodlands Centre, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, PE29 6NT