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 “Because Life Is For Living”

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Forever Living by Clare

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Clare Elliott

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Aloe Vera Products


Forever Living are the world leaders in Aloe Vera products; they have a patented formula and offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

I started my business under the umbrella of Forever, with the goal of developing both an income and a life-style.

Forever started in the USA and came over to the UK in the 1970’s, and has been incredibly successful.  It is a privately owned company with a huge vision: to bring pure, high quality, health and wellness products to customers, while at the same time helping people to take control of their lives.

Forever have a record of consistent and impressive growth every year, and now successfully trades in over 150 countries worldwide, is cash rich, totally debt free, and has a notable $1.5b prime property portfolio.

Services offered are:

  • Life Balance & Wellness products
  • Cleanse, Fitness and Weight-Management programmes
  • Beauty & Skincare products, including make-up
  • Perfumes
  • Products to care for your pets
  • Help with starting & developing your own business under the Forever umbrella
  • Full support, coaching & mentoring in your business
  • Access to training programmes by my Forever team (top leaders in the business!)

Mobile:     07786 912095


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Clare Elliott

Clare Elliott