Nichola Mason of Adlam and Coomber 10 Minute Presentation

An excellent presentation this morning by Nichola Mason of Adlam and Coomber explained the expertise behind ensuring that if you need varifocal lenses then they are right for you.

Firstly why might you need varifocal lenses. The main reason is presbyopia the hardening of the lens of the eye as we age mean it becomes harder to focus on things close to you ie suddenly your arms become too short for you to read the newspaper!

A correctly trained Dispensing Optician can solve this problem for many people with varifocal lenses allowing you to focus both on things close to you and far away with one pair of glasses.

There are three key steps to ensuring varifocals work for you.

  1. Make sure the frame you have chosen is right for your face and for the lenses you are going to need.
  2. Accurately measure the eyes and features of the face so the lenses are in the right position to work.
  3. Design the lenses to meet your eyesight and lifestyle requirements.

As with everything in life you have a choice with lenses from cheaper but functional lenses to higher quality lenses which give you a better field of vision and less distortion. Nichola’s advice is, if you have a restricted budget, spend more to get the best quality lenses you can afford and less on the frames.

How do you know you might need varifocals?

  • If you take your glasses off to read
  • If you are fed up switching glasses
  • If you have tired sore eyes when reading

If you have tried varifocals before and had a bad experience then it could be it is the optician you need to change!

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